HelloI have had lower back pain for several years and visited an osteopath on several occasions. Although there is pain relief following my visits it never seems to be anything long term and the pain always returns. This year I have also had a sharp stabbing pain in my very lower leg just above my ankle which my doctor diagnosed as sciatica. I am taking gabapentin as prescribed by my doctor but would like to know if this is something a chiropractor could help with? Thank you

Hi David,

If you have had a low back problem for several years then you are probably going to get pain from it sometimes.

Research has shown that 80% of us will get low back pain at some point in our lives and that if the first episode is promptly & properly treated then the chance of getting it again is  still 80%!

This suggests that most of us will get recurring episodes of the problem, no matter how well it is treated.However it’s not all doom and gloom…..most problems are treatable so that the patient gets  fewer  episodes of pain over the years.

If the treatment you have been having so far has given you relief then you have been receiving the correct treatment, just probably not quite enough of it!

Additionally, you should be getting movement/sitting/bending advice along with specific exercises to minimize the frequency of check ups.

Whilst I’m happy to take you on as a patient, I’d suggest that you go back to the osteopath who helped you (since he/she already knows your case) and discuss a properly managed course of treatment that’s designed to not just help your symptoms but to keep them at bay.

Regarding your leg pain, if it’s only just above the ankle and not also in the buttock/upper thigh then it’s probably not sciatica!

Please feel free to email me or post on here again if you have any more questions.


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