I have a lower back pain and hip pain just during walking. I cannot walk for more than 10 minutes, because it starts to hurt a lot and I have to sit down and don´t move. I´m really desperate. Do you have any idea what could be the problem, p lease? Thank you for the answer.

Hi Katy,

You haven’t given me much to go on there (age/cause of onset/exact locations of pain etc) but your symptoms could be due to a range of causes:

-osteoarthritis of the lumbar spine and/or hip

-strain/sprain injury of the lumbar spine

-sacro-iliac injury

……or something else entirely!

Unfortunately, without taking a case history and examining you, it’s impossible to narrow things down to anything more accurate than a simple list of what it could be-which doesn’t help you much at all!

Go and see your nearest chiropractor (look at the General Chiropractic Council or the British Chiropractic Assoc. websites to find one, or come and see us)




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