I want to get a vagus nerve adjustment done but most chiropractors here in Victoria BC are not clued in on it. Can you please tell me exactly what to tell the chiropractors here so that I might seek out one willing to assist me. Is there a textbook answer you can copy me on re the proper way to work with the vagus nerve, or a online video etc? God bless you good sir for being online like this.

Hi Glenn,

Interesting question. I personally don’t expect to affect the Vagus nerve with my treatment but a quick google uncovered this clinic/website: http://www.atlaschiropracticphoenix.com/upper-cervical-control-of-the-heart-headaches-and-stomach-function-through-the-vagus-nerve/     who feel that they can.

It looks like they feel that adjusting/manipulating the upper cervical spine can affect the Vagus nerve.

I suggest that you email them for more information about this. Good luck in your quest!



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